"D-sending Order"®
The Game of Archery Cricket

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“D-sending Order”® The Game of Archery Cricket: An archery game specifically designed with the archer in mind. No matter what your skill level, you’ll be a better archer just by playing…

Reasons why you will LOVE D-sending Order®

  • Great way to hone your archery skills!
  • Want an exciting, challenging game to play with your friends, at hunting camp, or with the family? 
  • Brings a competitive nature to practicing!
  • The most fun you'll have shooting your bow!
  • Fun for all ages and skill levels!
  • Addicting hours of fun!
The object of the game is to close out the eight numbers identified on the target from (20) to (13) in D-sending Order® and then close out the bulls’ eye. The first player to complete this task in the least amount of arrows used is declared the winner. In league play this would consist of a best two out of three match event. Rules of play and the playing format are listed beneath the scorecard on every target. Official league rules can be downloaded for free along with the official league spreadsheets by clicking here.

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