"D-sending Order"®
The Game of Archery Cricket

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How To Play

1.  Set up at 10 yards for Beginner, 15 yards for Intermediate, or 20 yards for Advanced.
2.  Hit each number 3 times while counting down from 20 to 13
3.  Bulls eye!

Rules of Play

1.    Only 1 shooter at a time
2.    Only 3 arrows per (person/team) per round
3.    Player/team shoots 3 arrows to complete each round
4.    Feet must be behind shooting line. May be on the line without going over. If a player
       shoots and foot is over the line, player incurs a "line fault". No score for that shot.
5.    Opposing player will score the round
6.    Player must decide if a number is closed out before continuing to shoot the next
       number. Player may not ask other players for assistance.
7.    Must close out numbers in descending order
8.    Only numbers shot in sequence will be scored
9.    Arrow must be a minimum of 50% in the number area to count
10.  Each player shoots same number of rounds

11.  Winner determined by closing out all numbers and bulls eyes'

D-sending Order® leagues can be constructed as individual competition or as a team competition. Team play would consist of (3) players per team. Alternate shooting rounds between players until game completion.

D-sending Order® championship bracket format is used to determine an overall league champion. This format can also be used for fundraisers. Utilizing the single game elimination format, an entire event can be completed in as little as three hours. Based on the quantity of shooters, consider 15 to 20 minutes per match.

D-sending Order® can be utilized as a training tool for entry level shooters of all ages. The game provides several different targets for the beginning archer to alternate their focus. The advantage is a greater attention to detail with every shot. Proven to increase muscle memory for shooting with proper form.

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